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Who can refer me to receive home health care services?
You can be prescribed by your physician or be referred to our agency by someone you know. We also welcome you to visit our office and ask about our care programs even if you have no prescription or referral.
How do I qualify for home health services?
You must be under the care of a physician, require skilled medical services, or be homebound.
What does homebound mean?
Homebound is a description used for patients who are unable to leave home unescorted and will cause great inconvenience, ultimately risking his or her health.
Can you send a caregiver or nurse for short-term health services?
We highly encourage you to call our office for availability. We have staff waiting for your call at 972-243-7017.
Can I set a schedule for a home needs assessment?
Yes, please contact us on the phone at 972-243-7017 or send a request online.

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